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Highland Bagpipe Tutor Book 2 - Transition to Bagpipes

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The Highland Bagpipe Tutor Book 2 - Transition to Bagpipes
A Guide to the Playing and Maintenance of the Highland Bagpipe
The National Piping Centre
Paperback, Spiral Bound
61 pages

Chapter 1 - FIRST STEPS: Checking the wood; The right size of bag; Left
or right handed?; The right type of bag; Checking the bag is airtight;
Hemping properly; The valve; The bag cover; The cords; Putting the pipes
into the pipe case

Chapter 2 - GETTING STARTED: Playing a "goose"; The pipe chanter reed; Fitting
a pipe chanter reed; Raising and lowering pitch; Use of tape on the chanter

Chapter 3 - BLOWING STEADILY: Controlled breathing; Arm pressure: Holding
a note; Up and down the scale; Progressing to a simple melody; Posture
The blowstick

Chapter 4 - INTRODUCING THE DRONES: Drones - how they work; Types of drones;
Cane reeds; Synthetic reeds; How do the reeds fit into the pipes?; How do the reeds
produce sound?; Blowing with one tenor drone sounding; Striking in

Chapter 5 - BASIC DRONE TUNING: Adjusting for balance; Tuning a tenor drone to low A;
Tuning positions; Using a tuning meter; Blowing practice with the tuning meter

Chapter 6 - MAINTENANCE TIPS EVERY PIPER SHOULD KNOW: Cleaning the bores and stocks;
Stock bores; Oiling the bores; Water traps and moisture control

Chapter 7 - SEASONING A PIPE BAG: How to season a pipe bag

Chapter 8 - PIPE CHANTER REEDS: Selection and what to look for; Reed manipulation; The
reed is too hard to blow; The reed is too easy; The reed is flat; The reed is sharp;
Double toning on F; Chirping and skirling; Screeching high A; In conclusion

Chapter 9 - ADDING MORE DRONES: Introducing a second tenor drone; Tuning the tenor drones
together; Tuning to the pipe chanter; Using the tuning meter

Chapter 10 - ALL THREE DRONES: Bringing on the bass drone; Tuning the bass drone to the
tenor drones

Chapter 11 - MORE MAINTENANCE KNOWHOW: Marking and tying in a pipe bag; Tying in a stock;
Tying in the chanter stock

Chapter 12 - PITCH, KEYS AND THE PIPE SCALE: The pitch of the bagpipes; Keys and the pipe scale

Chapter 13 - NEXT STEPS: Marching to a tune; Playing in a group of pipers; Playing for

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