Bully Yaker (Double wrap for dogs under 70lbs)

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BullyYaker is a combination of USA made odor free free-rang Bully Stick wrapped around a traditional Himalayan Cheese Chew giving dogs two of their favorite chews that is long lasting with irresistible flavor.  Using a patented process, Bully Stick binds into the cheese Chew making if more palatable and entices them to continue chewing the Himalayan Cheese Chew long after the bully stick is finished.

Recommended for dogs under 70lbs.  This chew should only be used for treat or snack and is not for meal replacement.

This is a natural product, sizing and shape may vary.  If sharp edges occur or if size becomes small enough to swallow, remove from pet.  Always ensure the treat is larger than the dog's mouth.  You can place the small piece of cheese chew in the microwave for 45 seconds to allow it to puff up and then let it cool for several minutes, making a second fun crunchy treat for your pet.

***Not Intended for Human Consumption***