Aged 10 Years - Molly's Revenge

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Molly’s Revenge are stalwarts of the San Francisco Bay Area Celtic music community. This is their tenth year together and their tenth album, hence the title. Their live performances are marked by a joyous attitude, tasteful playing and imaginative arrangements.  

Their sonic signature is a rich hybrid, with Scottish, Irish, Cape Breton, Californian and many other musical strands woven into the tapestry. The album demands your attention right from the opening track, Bart’s Rant, three feisty tunes by piper David Brewer. The Pepper Set opens with Paddy Fahey’s, a vintage, twisty tune, from fiddler John Weed who gets a grand groove going with Brewer on whistles with Pretty Pepper, a Jerry Holland composition.

Digerspolskan is mellow Scandinavian jig, a delicate, spiraling melody. The League Set, opens with whistles and bouzouki before Weed kicks it up a few notches on the fiddle and the whole gang rides into the sunset firing on all cylinders. The Bonfire Set is a fiery compilation featuring some tunes from piper John Dally.

The Statia Set opens with Stuart Mason’s jaunty guitar on Statia Donnelly’s. Weed’s fiddle takes over on Sliabh Russell and Aaron Jones (who produced the album) joins on a guizouki. Lochrosque is another Scottish-Irish blend with a mixer from Donegal (John Doherty’s) and a closer from the pen of Jimmy Keane of Bohola called The Charleston, a sturdy and striking tune. Doctor David MacDonald is another set with that unmistakeable Scottish lilt and tilt.

One of the pleasures on the Molly’s albums are their song selections. Moira Smiley deserves great credit for this and she guests with the band once more on vocals. Horo Johnny is a delightful song she got from the singing of Niamh Parsons. Lorelei is a sweet Pogues song (yes, there were quite a few especially from Phillip Chevron) delivered with siren soulfulness. The album closes with The Boys of Barr na Sraide.

The Rambling Suilor has Pete Haworth on the vocals and his composition The Admiral’s Waltz is a subtle beauty. He is affectionately known as the Admiral but, having kept the band ship-shape for all these years, he is retiring from active duty this year. He will be missed but the band plays on. Like a great whiskey, Molly’s Revenge is refined yet bracing. And, like all well-aged spirits, they are certainly old enough to be out on their own and that’s exactly where they are.