Appalachian Bride - Stuart Mason

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An 'oldternative' to traditional mountain music, Stuart Mason offers up spine-tingling original songs as well as foot-stomping fiddle tunes. The earthy twang of a homemade banjo as it's frailed in the old mountain style. The ringing song of a wood thrush from deep in a West Virginia laurel thicket. The slap of leather soles on a hardwood dance floor at the local parish hall. Stuart Mason takes the listener on an autobiographical journey into the West Virginia mountains of his birth. The record features his award-winning traditional singing on original and traditional pieces with acoustic guitar, mandolin, and clawhammer banjo. Blazing fiddlers Gilles Apap, James Wimmer, and John Weed lend a hand, as well as Jonas Richardson on harmonica, Duane Inglish on accordion, and Bruce Powers on hammered dulcimer.

Track Listings

  1. The Devil's Box
  2. Coaltown
  3. The Moonshiner
  4. Pumpkin Ball
  5. Young Kathleen
  6. Highlander's
  7. Pea Ridge
  8. Appalachian Bride
  9. Off to California
  10. My Johnny
  11. Strawstack
  12. Precious Little One
  13. Fly