Evergreen - Frank Blair

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I always have a horrible time naming things. This project was no different. I had a working title, which seemed fine at the time, but as the project neared completion I started thinking more about what I was trying to say. I went through many, many names before settling on the one that stuck : Evergreen.

Besides the obvious references to the Pacific Northwest, where I currently reside and which is mostly green most of the time, there are others that just fit. Those things that are constantly in demand because they are constantly needed are referred to as "evergreen." There is a hint of the insistance of life through the dormancy of winter, most easily seen by the evergreens that keep vigil over the sleeping woodlands. These tracks are my evergreens - I've known most of them for years and years and yet I continually refer to them. Many of these songs are the first places I go when I pick up a guitar or when I'm asked to play something impromptu.

They are my constant, reliable, ever-living friends.

- frankblair

Track List
1. Jamie Raeburn
2. To Welcome Paddy Home
3. Isabeau s'y Promene
4. Mrs. O'Sullivan's / Fountain of Smart
5. Little Musgrave
6. Malcolm's Waltz
7. Ireland Follows You
8. The Dreadful End of the Marianna for Sorcery
9. Sally Gardens
10. The Lakes of Pontchartrain
11. O'Shaughnessy's Lament
12. Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms / O'Carolan's Draught