Full Dress Sporran Antiqued Knot Braid Cantle and Dark Gray Bovine

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Full Dress Sporran

All of our sporrans are made in a small shop in Scotland.

Full dress sporrans (or dress sporrans) are the most formal type of sporran such as a wedding. They are worn at formal occasions and typically with a Prince Charlie jacket.

They commonly feature fur fronts, with fur tassels with regular or cross-chains, and a metal cantle at the top.

The cantle is ordinarily made from pewter or silver and often features Celtic knotwork designs. It may also feature other Scottish symbols such as the lion rampant, thistle, stag or saltire.

Full dress sporrans normally fasten at the rear with a stud on a small flap connecting the front and rear of the sporran. As they are the largest style of sporran, they allow the wearer to carry a range of items.


Sporran strap sold separately