Hunting Sporran Black with Chrome Studs and Stitched on Tassels

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Semi Dress Sporran

All of our sporrans are made in a small shop in Scotland.

Hunting sporrans are a semi formal version of the sporran. These are typically worn at less formal events or ceremonies, and with either an Argyll or Braemar style jacket.  You may find these sporrans being used by bands or other groups wishing to use them as part of their uniform

Like a full dress sporran they are adorned with a metal cantle and close with a snap strap in the back.  The face of the sporran is typically leather with leather tassles that are fixed in place with either stiching or studs to keep them from making noise while hunting or marching.  There may also be celtic designs embossed on the front.

The flap often features Celtic or Scottish designs and may be adorned with pewter badges to enhance the design.


Sporran strap sold separately