Inspired - David Brewer & Rebecca Lomnicky

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Inspired is the latest collaboration between Glenfiddich international fiddle champion Rebecca Lomnicky, and David Brewer, piper from the popular Celtic band Molly's Revenge. From a traditional Gaelic air to sets of contemporary reels, this exciting collection bridges the gap between the peoples music of Scotland and modern compositions by both David and Rebecca. Complimenting the lush tone of Rebecca's fiddle, David intertwines through the eleven tracks with the smooth timbre of the Scottish smallpipes, as well as highland bagpipes, low whistle, and various stringed instruments. Guest musicians Natalie Haas on cello, and Jeffrey Spero on piano, add a touch of grace to the flowing original waltzes and airs, and a fiery rhythm to the innovative jig & reel arrangements. Inspired is a fresh and well-rounded work of acoustic instrumental music spanning a wide range of sound-scapes and emotion.