Map Heraldic Scroll Irish Family Names & Origins

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Colorfully illustrated card cover with titles to front. Open/fold out heraldic scroll and map of family names and origins. IRISH HERALDRY. We at Mullins have researched the coats of arms depicted on this scroll, which illustrates some 776 coats of arms in full heraldic colors. The scroll does not include all Irish family Arms, nor all the names for which Arms are recorded-it is representative, but not exhaustive. Also, several branches of a family bearing the same name may have different Coats of Arms. Many names have various spellings which have arisen over the centuries, mostly resulting from translations of original Gaelic forms, but with some variations coming through personal whims, or mistakes in recordings. CRESTS AND MOTTOES. Although the majority of the coats of arms on this scroll carry with them crests and mottoes, it was not possible to illustrate them. Coats of Arms ordered from this scroll to be blazoned on our plaques will automatically bear the relevant crest and motto. COUNTY ARMS. The arms illustrated for the thirty two counties of Ireland are the arms recorded. In a few cases where no record of a County arms exist, the general practice of using the arms of the principal town has been followed.