More Power To Your Elbow - Jock Agnew

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More power to your elbow: A practical guide to acquiring, playing, tuning and maintaining Scottish bellows-blown bagpipes : with over fifty tunes and a tutorial CD-ROM /​ compiled and edited by Jock Agnew ; CD-ROM featuring Iain MacInnes on Scottish small pipes.

The tunes included here have been collected from "The songs of Scotland" by George Farquhar Graham, "Burns poems and songs", Robert Millar's manuscript, Wm MacKay's manuscript, Robert Riddell's "Collection of Scotch Galwegian and Border tunes" (RR Border tunes), William Gunn's "Caledonian repository of music" 1848 (Cal. Rep.), "Ross's collection of Pipe music" 1885. Several contemorary tunes have also been included