Necklace Celtic Quad Spiral Large

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Necklace featuring an intricate Celtic Quad Spiral, which can be detached and function as a pin. Chain included. Pendant measures approx. 2.5" x 1.5"

This bone shaped wonder is an historic replica decorated with classic New Grange spirals. History and mystery all in one piece. Not only does this piece have the triple Irish triskele spirals which symbolize woman's power, it also has an unusual and very early Celtic key pattern.

This brooch was replicated from a bronze escutcheon plaque from a Celtic hanging water bowl. The Celts hung their bronze water vessels from three chains attached to the bowl from finely wrought plaques like this replica from the National Museum of Ireland in Dublin.

Celtic craftsmen made three items for the occupying Roman army to buy as souvenirs; horse harness decoration, brooches and cookware.