Notes in Ma Heid - Chris Armstrong

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12 tracks: Biggar (Reels) * Orlando Tango (Reel and Hornpipes) * Jig Set * Saney MacKenzie (Hornpipe, Jigs and Reels) * Dodds (6/8 Marches and Reels) * Chrysler (Strathspey and Reels) * Cone Tango (Hornpipes) * Burns (2/4 Marches, Solo Piping) * Barbour Roar (Jigs) * Slow Air - Air Bas Caraid (For the Loss of a Friend) * The Bonanza Breakfast (Jigs and Reels) * Dreams of a Child.

Talented young piper. From the age of nine Chris started to compose his own bagpipe music, and many of these compositions are on this, his first recording.