Tomorrow Must Wait - Crooked Jack

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The original Crooked Jack guitar and accordion band of Dennis Alexander and John Gray play and sing folk songs, kid's songs, silly songs and sentimental Scots songs, as well as reels and jigs.

Disk 1 : Song & Reels: Rambling Rover, The Blackthorn Stick, The Irish Washerwoman, Hermless, Maggie Cackabendie, Jigs & Reels: Pet Of The Pipers, Banks Of Tha Allan, Bobby MacLeod's Fancy, Kitten's Capers, Belfast Mill, Working Man, Auchtertool, The Loch Tay Boat Song, The New Teacher, March, Strathspey & Reel: Bonnie Anne, The Laird Of Drumblair, The Victorias Hornpipe, Come By The Hills, In Search Of You