FAQ - the commonly asked questions

FAQ - the commonly asked questions

  • Where's your shop?

After ~25 years in the Portland area, the physical storefront closed in December 2018. This coincided with both the retirement of the former owners (Rick and Debe McCaul), and the scheduled demolition of their existing building. New owners Jim and Bonnie are keeping the tradition alive with mobile vending at Highland Games and events around the PNW and improving the online presence.

  • Do you carry Non-Scottish items?

The Scottish Country Shop proudly stocks items from and for all six of the Celtic nations: Brittany, Cornwall, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, and the Isle of Man. We also carry foodstuffs from the greater United Kingdom. 

  • Are Jim and Bonnie married?

While they are a couple, Jim and Bonnie aren't married. They have been together since late 2014, but like to say they "date in dog years." Sooooo, that's ... um, 40 years?

  • Can I avoid shipping costs and just pick something up?

Our warehouse is still located in the Portland area, but in a residential area with limited parking. If you have a big/heavy order or a timeline emergency, go ahead and ask via phone / email / online message. We will do what we can.

  • Who is a local kilt maker for sizing / modifications?

All of our kilts are made in Scotland, and we send them back there for any changes. We don't currently know of a good kilt maker in the PNW. If you are one, or know one, please tell us!

  • Do you take things on consignment?

The old shop had a tradition of taking in items on consignment. Without a physical storefront, we don't currently have this capacity. However, we do occasionally buy previously owned items. Each decision is made on a case-by-case basis. Contact us  via phone / email / online message to start this conversation.

  • Can I sell my art / crafts through your shop?

We feature and support several local artists, along with our imported goods from the UK.  Each decision is made on a case-by-case basis. Contact us  via phone / email / online message to start this conversation.

  • Do you have access to more items than are listed on the website?

Oh boy do we ever. We have access to infinitely more items than we could possibly keep in stock. We brought back stacks of brochures from artisans and vendors from the 2020 Spring Trade Fair. If you have a vision for a specific item, or want a brooch in a specific color, just let us know. If it exists, we can find it. If it doesn't exist, we may know who can make it.

  • Do you outfit pipe bands / wedding parties?

Absolutely. We are proud to support local pipe bands, including outfitting the newly formed Portland Fire Fighters Pipes and Drums (read about their formation here). We also provide personalized outfitting services for wedding parties.  Contact us  via phone / email / online message to start this conversation and discuss bulk pricing.

  • Do you do rentals?

No. We don't have this capacity at this time. However, we do carry a selection of affordable PolyViscus kilts in common tartans and sizes.

  • Will you open up a storefront again?

We haven't ruled it out, but nothing is planned at this time.

  • Any tips on wearing a kilt?

The pleats go in the back. It sits higher than more modern waistlines, and can act as a girdle for any extra girth. If there is a loose thread tacking down the pleats, that is a "basting stitch" meant to protect the folds during travel -- it is to be removed before the kilt is worn. A kilt pin is optional, but if used it is pinned only on the top layer of fabric -- the weight of the pin helps prevent the apron flap from blowing open, but it is not designed to pin the outer fabric to the inner fabric.