Celtic Tiger - The Indulgers

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With two albums under their belt, the Indulgers had developed a reputation for an addictive blend of Celtic roots and modern rock, the upbeat melodies of their original songs often concealing a dark underbelly. But Celtic Tiger is an animal of a different color; this album features traditional songs mixed with a few surprises that will likely startle a few listeners who haven't peeked ahead on the song list.

Celtic Tiger includes traditional songs including "Mari Mac," "Wild Mountain Thyme," "Whiskey in the Jar" and "Loch Lomond," as well as modern standards such as "Go, Move Shift," "Fisherman's Blues," "Back Home in Derry" and "Dirty Old Town." There are also some unusual selections: "Born to be Wild," "You are My Sunshine," "Tupelo Honey" and, yes, "Freebird."

The mix of tunes works because the Indulgers have stamped each song, old and new, with their trademark sound. The end result falls somewhere in the middle; traditional elements are stripped away to give the rock influences dominance, while rock songs have Celtic touches injected into the package for a new twist.