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G1reeds takes great pride and pleasure producing the best sound they can and are continually striving to find the next level of perfection. With a dedicated team of workers at G1 Reeds are expertly crafting precision chanter reeds to the highest level of sound using the finest cane sourced from around the globe, using a combination of traditional and innovative techniques.

The cane is matured and treated in a unique way known only to G1 Reeds which allows every reed to reach its full potential and sustain this level of quality for longer. Each tube of cane is hand selected and only the best will be deemed acceptable for G1’s high standards. Then the reeds are crafted in small batches, which ensures the platinum quality. Each reed is then tested at several stages throughout the binding process, varnished, then tested again for pitch, clarity and resonance. Any reed that does not meet the G1 standard will be scrapped ensuring you achieve the sound you are looking for.