Mccallum Bagpipes - AB0

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Whether you are a serious competitor or just plain serious about the bagpipes you play, our choice of instruments harness luxurious refinement and unrivalled craftsmanship with uncompromising sound quality that only a set of McCallum Bagpipes can produce. Every budget is catered for in our exclusive collection of bagpipes.

All McCallum Bagpipes are precision manufactured at our factory premises in Ayrshire by our team of highly skilled bagpipe makers – some of whom are experienced pipers, providing you with the peace of mind that all McCallum Bagpipes products are made by true experts.

Every set of McCallum pipes comes complete with:  Synthetic zipper pipe bag; bag cover with velcro seal; silk cords; synthetic drone reeds; and a 10yr, no quibble guarantee.

AB0 - African Blackwood Fully Combed and Beaded.  Classic style blackwood projecting mounts, with beaded alloy ferrules, and alloy slides and ringcaps.  Plus a plain alloy mouthpiece with Mcallum plastic pipe chanter.