Bagpipe Bag Bannatyne Synthetic w/zip

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The Bannatyne synthetic pipe bags comes with tie in kit and water trap. This bag is synthetic and does not require seasoning.  The blowpipe and all three drones are fitted with rubber collars for easy installation.  You tie in the chanter stock the traditional way with twine or a C clamp that is provided.

Available in small (9 x 24"), small extended (9.5 x 26.5"), medium (10.5 x 26.5"), and large (11.5 x 29").

Important Product Note:  All bagpipe bags can develop mold and fungi with regular use if not cleaned and disinfected properly.  This can lead to chronic inflammatory lung disease.  Please take careful precautions to ensure your bag and blowpipe are cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis to prevent mold and fungi from developing.