Scottish Folklore - Raymond Lamont-Brown (Vintage)

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1996 vintage copy of a very useful book. Former shop reference book

This work provides an A-Z of locations throughout Scotland and the folklore associated with each place. It traces the roots and traditions of Scottish folklore, and discusses recurring themes and influences. The book also contains a guide to studying Scottish folklore, and a subject and location index. Scotland's greatest writers have been influenced by the country's abundance of customs, superstitions, ghost stories and folktales. Robert Burns, Walter Scott, James Hogg and Robert Louis Stevenson all used Scottish folklore in their work. Scotland has one of the richest folklore bases in the world, with input from the Celts, the Picts, the Scots, the Vikings and the Anglo Saxons. This selection of folklore combines gypsy-lore and Arthurian legends with tales of magical beasts and demons, and also material on the Dark and Medieval Ages.