Surnames of Scotland: Their Origin, Meaning and History - George F. Black

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Vintage 1989 edition
Formerly a reference book in the LDS Family History Center in Portland, Oregon.

This major reference work, first published in 1946, is a fully documented, alphabetical listing of over 8,000 Scottish family and personal names. Black's definitive guide includes spelling variations, an abundance of fascinating historical specifics, and a glossary of obsolete Scot words.

This classic reference provides fascinating biographical and geographical details for anyone interested in Scottish names. The Surnames of Scotland is an invaluable source of information especially for historians, in addition to genealogists and families interested in their Scottish ancestry.

Dr. George Fraser Black (1866-1948), a noted bibliographer and historical scholar on the staff of the New York Public Library from 1896 to 1931, spent almost half a century on the research of this volume. Miss Mary Elder Black, who assisted her father in the preparation of the main text, supplied the amendments and additions included as an appendix.