Wales: A History - Wynford Vaughan-Thomas

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Wales is a Principality close to England geographically and politically, but it is also very diverse. To many, it is a mysterious country famed for its majestic mountains and essential industries, but about which they know relatively little. Wynford Vaughan -Thomas is one of Wales's best-known sons, and in this book he introduces the reader to the country's fascinating history. From the arrival of the Celts with their horse-drawn chariots, Wales has been a Celtic kingdom. The Welsh resisted first the advent of the Saxons and then the advance of the Normans. From the strongholds of their mountains they fought invaders relentlessly and, in the Age of the Princes, the Celtic kingdoms flowered as centres of poetry and music. Then came the force of Edward 1 and his determination to add Wales to his kingdom.

Hardcover, 269 pages
Published January 1st 1985 by Michael Joseph Ltd
ISBN: 0718124685