Wee Book o' Scottish Mindfooness

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Nae mair racin' chasin' middens in yer heid. The world can be a hectic place for a Scot. Too many thoughts in your head can ruin your day and keep you from enjoying the best of what life offers. When your mind is racing, you need to take a few moments to calm down. This book is full or exercises to do just that - the Scottish way. Whether it's feeling your feet in the soft Highland heather or tasting the sweetness of a homemade jeely peice, these 'heid wurk' exercises will help your worries float away, like bubbles in a glass of ginger. So take some time out each day to be mindful. Dinnae fash yersel, keep the heid and remember that when you stop to look around you, the world is pure dead brilliant.